About Us

The Beginning

Ascendant Books first opened its doors in 1983. The metaphysical bookstore was started by two women, Alice Powell and Yvonne Kemp. Both women had suffered tragedies in their lives and were looking for answers as to the meanings behind them. Their love of reading and the discovery of astrology was how the two women had met.

At that time in Alberta, the community of metaphysical seekers was still very small, so they started small, too!  In fact, the first location was tiny, no bigger than a kitchen, with fewer than fifty books!

Thanks to word of mouth, metaphysical seekers and astrology enthusiasts became aware of Ascendant Books. We were carrying books that no one had ever seen in a mainstream bookstores—works on astrology, dreams, and psychics. Soon we were bringing in titles to fulfill almost every metaphysical need and interest you could imagine.ascmay-12.jpg


In just two years, Ascendant Books moved to a second location, and we expanded our gift shop, bringing in a multitude of tarot cards, oracle, incense, crystals, candles, home decor & gemstone jewelry!ascmay-6.jpg

Ascendant Today

Alice Powell took over sole ownership of the store in 1987 and today, Ascendant Books is in its third location in the heart of Edmonton's 124th Street Gallery District.

Not just a book store, but a gift & healing crystal store as well, our gorgeous Edmonton gift shop is over 5000 square feet, full of hand chosen crystals, dazzling jewelry, ornate statues, elegant clothing and décor, delicious candles, fragrant incense, tarot cards, natural essential oils and of course, mind-expanding music and books.

Whether you're looking for a gift for yourself, a healing crystal for your best friend, or simply a relaxing, interesting escape, being one of Edmontons largest metaphysical book stores & gift stores, you'll be sure to find something you love.  Come visit us if you're in town, or while making a pilgrimage to Edmonton. At Ascendant Books, we always have time to talk about the journey. We're all on it together.