Charging & Clearing Your Crystals

Charging & Clearing Your Crystals

When we talk about charging our crystals, there are two processes - the actual charging with intent and the act of clearing the stone of existing vibrations that it has picked up from other sources.  Some people wonder if they can use a crystal more than once and you certainly can, but you need to take the time to clear it first of any previous energies that it has picked up or been charged with.  There will be times that you just won’t want to use a stone for anything other than what it was originally intended for.

Clearing a stone can be done in one of several very simple ways.  You can clear your stones by smudging them with cedar or sage.  Either break off some sage from a smudge stick or light the end of the smudge stick and rest in a fire safe dish and allow the smoke to rise upward.  Hold the stone in the smoke and pass it around several times so that all sides and surface area of the stone are run through the smoke.  Visualize any unwanted energies being carried away from the stone and upward with the sage or cedar smoke to be cleansed. This is a great and simple method, best used when you need to clear and work with your stones right away.

Moonlight is another method that can be used if the timing is right. Set your stones out either in a window sill or right outside if there is a place that will be safe for them to be. You will want to place the stones out on the night of the Full Moon and let them stay there all through to the next New Moon. The Waning Moon phase will help to clear and remove all the previously held energies from within the stones. You will want to take the stones out of the sunlight during this process since the sun can bleach out some stones, so each day see how the stones feel to you. You may find that certain stones don’t need to sit out for the full time while others may need several cycles to be fully cleared.


Another method is burying the stone. You can bury your stone in a bowl of cleansing herbs such as sage, cedar, lavender and sweet grass, or you can bury them in a bowl of dry earth. Some people like to use salt, but salt can react with some crystals causing pitting and even cracking. Be sure to do some research into your crystals before picking a method like this so that you know for sure what your stones can be left safely in. Take the stone and place it deep within the bowl of herbs or soil, cover, and leave in a safe place, like your altar, for several days. If you have a large amount of crystals that just need a general clearing this is a great method to use; place all the stones in a bowl of herbs or soil at the beginning of the Waning Moon and leave them there through the Waning phase, then remove and physical clean. Then you’re ready for our next step, charging.

Charging is just what it sounds like. You give your stone a job and some direction. Based on the stone and your purpose, try and narrow down your intention to a single work or two. For example love or self-love for use with a pink quartz; vision or psychic visions with an amethyst, etc.


 Gather together:


1. A small bowl of water

2. A red candle

3. A stick of incense (you can use incense related to your intention or you can use sandalwood)

4. A small bowl of soil

5. A bottle of anointing oil (again this can be related to your intention, it can be an anointing blend, or it can be plain sandalwood)

6. A small charm bag or piece of cloth to keep it in.

Set up your items on your altar or other work surface. Light your incense and candle and take a moment to ground and center yourself, clearing seeing your vision of what you wish to charge your crystal for. Have the word or words in mind and keep them in your mind throughout the process.

Take your crystal and hold it over the incense. Blow on it with your breath visualizing your breath being a color related to your intention - see it penetrate the stone. Next, hold the stone over the flame of the candle (being careful not to burn yourself or your stone). Visualize the aura of the flame engulfing the stone and infusing it with your desires. Take your stone and carefully dip it in the water (lightly sprinkle the stone with a few drops if it is something that is easily damaged by water). Visualize the water penetrating the stone deep to its core and filling it with your intentions.

Next, roll the stone in the bowl of dirt. Visualize the soil changing to the same color you visualized your breath as when it touched the stone, covering the stone in this color and, thus, with your intention.

Take a drop or two of anointing oil into your palms and rub the stone in your hands, covering it with oil. Do this until you feel the oil is penetrating the stone and the stone no longer feels slick or greasy. While doing this, chant the word or words that you have chosen for your intention and direct it into your stone. You can say something like “I charge you with the energy of self-love. As I carry you with me may you grant me to power to love myself, inside and out, and be open to receiving love from others.” When you have finished and you feel your stone is filled with your intention, place it within its bag or piece of cloth. It is now ready to do its work for you! If it is meant to be carried with you, you can start carrying it right away. If it is charged for healing you can set it aside until you’re ready to use it. Clearing and charging your crystals helps you to have prepared tools on hand at all times and by giving them a clear intention you can be sure that they will draw the correct energies needed to you and they will align with your personal energy more accurately.

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