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Our inner landscape is composed of emotions, thoughts and feelings and is created as a result of the life experiences we have had. Each season offers opportunities to connect with unique blessings and gifts. Summer surrounds us with growth, joy and fullness and is a reminder that the beauty of our outer world is an external expression of our own inner landscape. It is the perfect time to reflect on growth we have achieved and what needs to be nurtured or healed.


Each thought and emotion we carry within us has its own vibration which collectively expands into our energy field and outward into the world. To gain insight and foster healing, anything that facilitates inner reflection opens the door to expanding awareness and provides an opportunity to heal old wounds. 


There are many tools we can utilize for inner reflection. Walks in the woods, quiet contemplation and simply being outdoors expands our awareness and touches a part of our soul that yearns to be authentic. Meditation provides a way to link the qualities of light and beauty and gardening allows us  to connect with the earth in a personal and creative way. 



Gardening has the ability to connect us to the rhythms of nature. It can pull you into the present moment by making you aware of the beauty of the world we live in. Transforming a space into an expression of beauty is a uniquely personal experience which has the potential to become a spiritual practice.


As you connect deeply with the earth, you connect to the vibration of mother earth and you become centered in the present moment. Whether you grow vegetables as a source of nourishment or plant flowers to create beauty, gardening is a way to become introspective and opens you to the possibilities that lie within. You may find that you have a deep desire for your inner landscape to match what nature and your garden is mirroring back to you.


Here are a few examples of how you can enhance the spiritual aspect of gardening:

  • Pay attention to the phases of the moon for planting and harvesting. Each phase has unique energy that plants are attuned to.

  • Plant herbs that can be used as herbal remedies, for healing or in rituals

  • Harvest by moonlight and experience the magic and silence of the night

  • Create an altar or meditative area in your garden

  • Establish a daily ritual to connect with your plants and your garden

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