Over the last few months, we’ve been sharing information and insights on living a more mindful life. This personal practice can take so many forms and we are enamoured with the journey! As we continue down this path, we open up to more signs, tools and affirmations that remind us to keep going. Positive power is real and effective. What tools do you use to release limitations?


Oracle cards can be used to gain insight through reflection, divination and validation. There are a variety of oracle decks to choose from and each deck conveys a unique theme. Pick a deck that has meaning for you and use it whenever you need clarity or guidance.


Oracle cards differ from tarot cards; tarot cards follow a traditional and structured system whereas oracle cards often have words on each card which provide specific guidance. Tarot decks may differ but all decks are based on a major and minor arcana where each card has a different meaning. ascendant-march-5.jpg

You can use a spread with oracle cards or pull one or two at a time. Have a question in your mind. If you want to focus on release, ask questions such as “What do I most need to release?” or “What do I need to focus on in the future?” Keep the question simple as it will be easier to understand the message you receive from your cards. 



An affirmation is like a seed that you plant in your subconscious mind. Using positive statements and messages lets the seeds of your intent grow and flourish as your mind responds to what is being communicated. Working with affirmations helps to change negative self talk and programming that is holding you back from becoming your true self.


You can set up a specific time or place to do your affirmations but the most important aspect of working with affirmations is to do them repeatedly and consistently. You can speak them inwardly or say them out loud but remain committed to sending yourself positive and healing messages.


Some examples of affirmations you can use for releasing are; “I release what no longer works for me and am open to receiving joy and wellbeing”, “I release old and negative habits” or “I let go of everything keeping me from my true path”. Just remember to keep the messages simple and positive and try repeating them for at least 21 days as you are replacing an old thought process and replacing it with something new.  

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