Rose quartz stone, amethyst crystal, sun ring gold
The Sun Ring will structure nine layers deep. It broadcasts energy & anything places in the ring has amplified healing properties. Place food or beverages on the Sun Ring for five seconds and notice a taste improvement. What ever is placed in the center of the sun will be amplified and broadcasted into the room 💜
You can use this for all your intentions. Another use is placing the sun ring on sore or weak areas of your body, leave on as long as you feel it is appropriate. Place the sun in your bath water for an extra relaxing experience. Because the sun is a broadcaster & negative ion generator, if you hang it on your wall, sensitive people will feel a positive charge in the room 😊
gold sun ring, healing crystals on table
Locally made, platinum with 24kt gold plating, sun rings are a unique and beautiful treasure 💜

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