For many pagans, Samhain is a powerful time to honour the spirits of our ancestors or those who have departed. As the veil is thin, we may wish to connect to our ancient lineage and honour the gifts we inherit through our bloodlines. You may wish to create an altar for Samhain or you may wish to keep it year round. Ancestral connection is a way to remember all those that went before and fuels the fire of our inner witch.


Gather photographs, heirlooms and arrange them with several candles. Red and black candles are extremely symbolic as they represent life and death. Light the candles in memory and call out the names of the people you wish to honour. Decorate with fall leaves and other reminders of the turning season. Sit quietly and pay attention to what you experience and write down any messages you receive. If you wish, prepare a feast and set an extra place at the table to invite the ancestors in.



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