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Looking at the night sky can inspire a sense of wonder and mystery. For centuries people have  sought guidance from the positioning of planets and constellations in an effort to unravel the meaning of life on earth.

Most people are familiar with sun sign astrology as general characteristics are attributed to the zodiac signs for each month of the year. For anyone born in June who is a Gemini, they are thought to be versatile, curious and expressive. If you were born in January, as a Capricorn you are more likely to be disciplined, tenacious and independent.

The problem with sun sign astrology is that it is broad in scope; it’s difficult to believe that everyone born in a certain month can be so similar!



If you want to explore astrology further, you need to start with a natal chart. This will provide you with a map of the sky for the exact time and place that you were born. Not only will you get the position of the sun, you will see the position of the Moon and all the other planets. Each unique configuration of planets is like a symbolic blueprint of the energies you are aligned with from the moment of your birth. 



Going further, each planet in your natal chart characterizes personal traits as well as lessons you need to learn in your lifetime. You can determine patterns, timeframes and lessons that are inherent in the unique layout of your chart. For example, whatever sign Mercury is in can be an indication of the mental aspect of your being. How Mercury connects to the other planets in your chart provides even more information.



To add another layer to the symbolism in astrology, each planet is placed in a certain location in your chart. The twelve divided sections of your chart are symbolic of an aspect of life and these are referred to as houses. Each house has a specific meaning just like the signs and planets and how everything interconnects gives detailed information about your life path. 


Astrology has a great deal to offer as a tool of self awareness. The depth of information you can explore is dependent on how far you want to go. If you are interested in exploring more about your connection to the stars and what map is unique to your journey, check out our selection of astrology books to get you started.

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