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“The function of ritual … is to give form to the human life, not in the way of a mere surface arrangement, but in depth.”

Joseph Cambell


Rituals are like routines - they are something you do often with consistency. The main difference between a routine and a ritual is that a ritual is practiced with intention. When you do anything with intention you are focusing on something consciously and with purpose. Having a ritual that you follow consistently creates an opportunity to actively direct your desires, thoughts and feelings. It is in planting the seeds of intention where dreams are created.


ituals anchor you to the present and are the essence of mindfulness. They do not have to be complicated. Activities like going for a walk, journaling, yoga and meditation are all examples of what a ritual can look like. Here are a few suggestions of rituals you can incorporate into your life.


Light incense and/or candles. If you have an altar, have images or statues to remind you of the Divine. Choose an intention or reflection for the day. Sit on the floor or in a chair and follow your breath in and out for a period of time. If you like, set the timer on your phone to notify you when the time is up. Start with 10 minutes and go from there. You may wish to increase the time once you have established your practice.



Light a smudge stick made from sage or a combination of sage and other herbs. Focus on what you want to achieve and speak your intent out loud. You can clear around your body and visualize the smoke lifting away pain, blockage and negativity. You can also cleanse your home or room by walking around the perimeter of the space letting the smoke clear the area. Pay particular attention to corners and behind doorways.


There are a variety of rituals that are focused on releasing and letting go.

  • Release in nature by taking a stone and visualizing what you want to let go of. You may wish to write a word on the stone of what you want to focus on. Set the stone down or release it into a pond, river or other body of water.

  • Write down what you want to release and burn it in a fire. Make sure you are doing this ritual in a safe place. Let the smoke of the fire symbolize what you are letting go of.

  • Create a drawing or piece of art that symbolizes what you want to release. You can write or draw your intentions for what you want to move toward.


Rituals are ways of prioritizing your wellbeing. There are no rules to follow and no right or wrong ways to create a mindful practice. Pick a ritual that resonates with you - you probably already have a daily routine that could become a ritual once you set your intention. Commit to follow your practice every day, it’s a simple gift you can give yourself. 


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