Artwork: AQUARIAN REBIRTH by Robyn Chance

Artwork: AQUARIAN REBIRTH by Robyn Chance


Aquarius is the sign of the humanitarian, the rebel, the visionary and the eccentric. Ruled by the planet Uranus, Aquarius governs innovation, technology and egalitarianism. 

A natal chart includes all the planets and, as each planet has a specific meaning, the sign a planet is in gives insights to how that planet expresses itself. Here’s a quick glimpse into what ‘planets in Aquarius’ mean in a birth chart.

Sun in Aquarius

Most of us are familiar with Sun sign astrology as it is dictated by the month we were born in. The Sun represents conscious mind, will and creative life force. People born with the Sun in Aquarius are unique, clever, witty and intellectual. Their humanitarian nature shines through in all they do.

Moon in Aquarius

The Moon is symbolic of our innermost needs, emotions and our unconscious mind. If your Moon is in Aquarius your emotions may be somewhat detached and guided by intellect. Progressive and independent you are broad minded and humane.

Mercury in Aquarius

Mercury is the planet of communication and in Aquarius self expression is often unconventional. Quick and alert, insightful and quirky, Mercury in Aquarius thrives on intellectual debates.

Venus in Aquarius

Known as the planet of love and attraction, Venus also represents values. Many people with Venus in Aquarius like unique and interesting relationships. Somewhat aloof, they also need space and independence.

Mars in Aquarius

Representing drive and energy, Mars in Aquarius is innovative and thrives on intellectual and mental pursuits. Willful and clever, people with Mars in this sign find unique ways to get things done.

Jupiter in Aquarius

Symbolizing growth, wisdom and luck, Jupiter in Aquarius values people, personal freedom and tolerance. 

Saturn in Aquarius

Often referred to as a great teacher, Saturn represents fears, challenges and discipline. If we move past our personal challenges, Saturn has the ability to teach us the greatest lessons. In the sign of Aquarius, people with this placement may feel inhibited by social structures and have difficulty moving out of their comfort zone. 

Uranus in Aquarius

The ruler of Aquarius, Uranus represents change and originality. Uranus in Aquarius is all about innovation, technology and finding new ways to do things.

Neptune in Aquarius

As the planet symbolic of dreams and healing, Neptune in Aquarius has a vision of a world that celebrates individuality, freedom and humanitarian ideals.


Representing power and transformation, the planet Pluto moves extremely slowly. We will not experience Pluto in Aquarius until sometime in 2024.

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